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Our team is made up of the most beautiful, intelligent and compassionate people from many different powerful backgrounds. Our rainbow family is the backbone and heart of the Let’s Grow Team. Once you get to know all of us you will feel the same sense of awe I do to be a part of such a divine and incredible family of light workers.


Justin Walton

Our Team

The founder of this enterprise is Justin Walton, who is, and has been, intimately connected with the evolution of the use of Cannabinoids (115 are currently identified) and many other Sacred Plants. He planned for this company to be an advocate for the public’s use of Sacred Plant Medicine; to reduce the negative health effects of a highly stressful modern life. One important decision made was to execute this company without the creation of publicity seeking for personal aggrandizement, i.e., we’re not creating stars. Mother Nature has already done that for us!

Ask around and you’ll find that, in all the areas in which Let’s Grow or it’s affiliates operate, business is done with the highest concern for relationship building, integrity, ethics, and the most current substantiated peer reviewed science. We built our team slowly, earned trust through a solid reputation and looked for those who kept their integrity during hard moments.

It costs a serious fortune to train up a good associate in this business. Headhunters are constantly looking for ways to poach the best people from other companies teams and we’re not going to that party! That’s why you won’t find the name and picture of each member of the Let’s Grow Team here or anywhere, but as you get to know us you’ll meet them and be blown away by their value, knowledge, customer service and compassion.

Our name Let’s Grow is really not a normal name for a company; this is obvious if one were to think about it. We named our organization that way by design, to solve many of the problems of the future. Our name is a rallying cry – “Let’s GROW!”

It invokes a sense of determination to be our best, to work and live in harmony with each other, the earth and beyond. It is our mission in two words and it has been tattooed on more than one person. We live and breathe this mission.

Let’s HEAL. Let’s EVOLVE. Let’s PROSPER.

Let’s GROW!

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The Founders

Justin and Alexandra Walton

We’re passionate about organic plant food and medicine, healing ourselves with Mother Earth’s bounty and learning the wisdom of our ancestors, who we deeply love, cherish and admire. We go to church, smoke hemp, drink ayahuasca, eat right, practice kundalini yoga, tantra, meditation and believe in Unconditional Love. We believe that is the Higs Boson, it is the unexplainable forces and events discovered in Quantum Physics. We believe all there is is love.

We aren’t new age hippies. We believe in the power of big business and conscious capitalism, it is sacred to us. We own guns. We are “vegan” and mostly lectin free but sometimes eat wheat and animal products if we have raised them, prayed with them and harvested them ourselves with ceremonial devotion.

During our 7 years together, we have done such deep healing and experienced so much magic! We love connecting with like minded souls and helping people heal, find their bliss, peace and happiness. We host people battling addiction, mental and/or physical illness here at our Healing Home, our farm in Montana we lovingly named Little Deer Farm. In the Lakota tradition the Little Deer clan are the carriers of plant medicine, they also sacrifice themselves for the people. In Tibetan Buddhism the Little Deer is the spirit that vanquishes evil.

Justin has been in the cannabis industry 20 years and has built and ran a commercial seed and clone business for 10 years with his loving wife joining the team 7 years ago. She took things to another level. Raised by a prestigious Naval Captain in Hawaii, Japan, Belgium and Moscow. Trained by a leading doctor to help children with autism. She brings a high evel of professionalism and protocol to Let’s Grow as well as the ability to interact with people who are “on the spectrum” (which most of us are). Together we have built a reputation we are honored to carry. We are known for the value of our product and the size of our hearts and it seems the more we serve, give and love, the more we are blessed with success, an abundance of relationships, joy, as well as resources and currencies of many kinds. We are blessed and lucky to work with the best plant breeders in the world. Most of which are at least as psychedelic as we are!

We make it our mission to always have the best hemp and cannabis seeds to grow as medicine to smoke, cook with or make tea! We are here to help people realize that you don’t need to depend on a store, you can grow it yourself! We will help guide you and get you started on the right foot, which always begins with the right genetics. We also provide hemp flowers and products to our customers that have been blessed and prayed over, grown organically, and offered in our membership program along with dozens of other sacred plant medicines, minerals, molecules and tools we have discovered to have a happier, healthier, more joyful and more abundant life.

Little Deer Farm

Little Deer Farm is a healing home in beautiful Montana, close to Yellowstone National Park.

We strive to live in harmony with the land, plants, animals and spirits of our ancestors. We study and practice many of the ancient teachings and rituals from all over the world: ceremony, prayer, meditation, yoga, family meals, real talks, farming, dancing, singing, playing and working together.

We are a place where people come to heal and grow, to rid themselves of addictions, illness, trauma, possession and fear. We are a place people come to celebrate life, rebuild culture and community. We are not shamans, we do not fix people, we are simply a home. We have learned, first hand, it is us who heal ourselves and it’s our ancestors, the plants, animals and spirits that can show us how.


We are all free. Most of us don’t realize it, but that is the deepest gift given to us by our Creator.

Freedom is surrendering to the flow. The place where seeds grow and the river knows exactly where to go.

The grand illusion is being in control. God’s plan is written in the winds and the sand, in the palm of your hand and in the earth and the sky.

We are not actually in control, all of this is God’s. This may upset or confuse you but if you really think about it you didn’t make yourself and you don’t have to call it “God.” Call it “Source” or “Creator” or “The Big Bang” but whatever you call it, it’s easy to see from any spiritual or scientific perspective that things are moving through time in patterns and cycles that can be seen, felt and measured, but NOT totally understood. It’s also easy to see that our stories of who we are are just that, stories, and most of us have experienced the realization that some of the hardest or most confusing things have happened “for a reason.” It’s not far off from realizing that the mind, the ego, the stories… are not really who we are.

There is no separation and there is no destination… when we let go to this truth and let go of the desire to manifest or create with our own will, we realized God is always manifesting and creating through us.

THIS is bliss!

We are along for the ride and its our choice to be in Heaven or Hell, right now.

It’s our choice to be at peace with chaos, happy or sad, active or stagnant.

Only in the mind does unhappiness and shame exist. Only in the mind does the possibility of “better” exist. When we quiet the mind, we see ourselves in everyone, we see everyone in us, we feel connected to everything and everyone, we know it is all perfect.

“One person. One soul.” – Joey Glenn Walton (words uttered by my son, at age 2, while shaking a rattle)

We all know it’s possible. But, it’s like God is reaching out His hand and we are saying, “not yet.”

The trick is simply letting go.


Let’s GROW!

May God bless you all, may you all find peace. All beings, everywhere.

Even Trump and Biden, even your mean mother in law. Even the devil himself.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


The Mission of Let’s Grow is to help people live happier, healthier lives by preventing and even curing disease and mental illness using food, plant medicines, ancestral ritual healing arts and cognitive development practices.

We help sick people, drug addicts, alcoholics and those suffering from mental illness live healthy, happy lives using plant medicines, minerals, naturally occurring molecules, proper diet, exercise and conscious living modalities such as ceremony, ritual, yoga, meditation and prayer.

We are focused on helping Parents and Children that suffer from a lack of information, opportunity and love.

We help farmers and medicinal creators, plant breeders and healing practitioners disseminate their products and wisdom to the mainstream world through marketing, endorsements and strategic alignments within the Let’s Grow Team family of farmers, manufacturers, distributors and investors.

Let’s Grow is an Intellectual Property company with distinct licensing platforms to help our partners create and disseminate the best products in hemp, cannabis and other health and wellness sectors.

Our library of hemp and cannabis genetics, our marketing platforms and our branding and distribution network is second to none. We work with some of the best brands in the hemp and cannabis industry and manage relationships with thousands of influencers in entertainment, athletics, business and science.

The Future

Many of our youth believe in being healthy, positive, the law of attraction, God and being a good person. They see the power in sobriety, eating healthy plant based foods and using plant based medicines. They want to help their sick friends and families. They want to make the world a better place and they believe in the wisdom of our ancestors.

They are thirsty to learn about:

All Religions

Law of Attraction

Plant Based Medicine

Ancestral Wisdom






Clean Air & Water

Mental Illness








Integrated Health

Plant Based Diet


It is becoming cool, hip and trendy to be a loving, healthy, conscious person. To want to understand the science of what proteins, fibers, carbs, sugars, fats, oils, vitamins, minerals, omegas and beneficial bacteria the body and brain need to thrive. They already know that different colonies of bacteria in the stomach can cause obesity, depression, autism, Parkinson’s and more.

It is true that some just don’t care. But we are so grateful to know so many who do! To be part of a community of parents and children who want to be better.

This passion for awareness is at the heart of the Let’s Grow community. They are our family and together we are trying to make the future a better place for future generations.

We are indescribably grateful to see this disruptive transition in our culture.

We are here for the youth and we are here to help the lost find health and peace. Amen. Aho. Shalom. Let’s Grow!