About Us

The founder of this enterprise is Justin M. Walton (background accompanying) who is and has been intimately connected with the evolution of the use of Cannabinoids (of which there have been 115 currently identified). He planned that this company would be an advocate for the public’s use of sacred healing plants to reduce the negative health effects of modern life in this high stress time.  One important decision made was to execute this company without the creation of publicity seeking for personal aggrandizement, i.e., we’re not creating stars, Mother Nature already has done that for us, by her creating both Hemp and what we now know as, Medical Marijuana.  Don’t worry about Justin burning out he’s got a ton of first class help, sometimes he gets complex and important actions to start, change, or stop, with the simple nod of his head.

So this is likely to be among the most unusual sections used in a piece of edifying literature designed to promote an enterprise or industry.

When we first started we carefully observed the trade for moves, and licks, we could adapt (modified or not) to build our own version of “best practices” we found a rich source of data at trade shows, seminars, meetings, and other gatherings of professionals, industry, and public, users, and advocates, with goals similar to our own.  The industry, like any new major opportunity, created a good number of seekers and we found a rich source of venders, suppliers, veteran breeders & farmers, in short some of every focus of what makes this an industry – most importantly were the workers in it, as they are important repositories of value by the nature of contacts and especially their training.  Non-industry service providers also attended these events - people who were allied and provided specialized services – Accountants, Attorneys, Consultants, of many stripes, Technology (many different types).  The most prevalent of these service specialists were the Executive Recruiters!  We’ve observed the Headhunters make a pass through the booths and hospitality suites of all the participants and gather brochures like this one and in minutes with the help of aides that accompanied them had a list of evaluates from the About Us section of their sales pieces they then use these names as recruits for other companies often present at this same event.

We are not going to that party!  It costs a serious fortune to train up a good associate in this business.

Ask around you’ll find that in all the areas in which Let’s Grow or it’s affiliates operate business is done with the highest concern for relationship building, integrity, ethics, and the most current substantiated peer reviewed science.

Our name Let’s Grow is really not a normal name for a company; this is obvious if one were to think about it.  We named our organization that way by design, to solve many of the problems of the future.   The solution will be the action behind the rallying cry – LET’S GROW!

That’s what’s really important About Us.

Next Steps...

Secure the Future of Your Farm for Generations. As your farm establishes itself as a vital part of the Letʼs Grow Hemp Ecosystem and your crops yield is consistently presented, our Relationship Managers will be focused on securing Forward Contracts for your crops, financially committing our hemp and CBD companies to the future crops from your farm and ensuring that it can be the source of prosperity and opportunity for generations, just as the family farm is meant to be.