Benefits of Hemp Flower


Why Hemp Flowers?

Hemp helps our family with anxiety and depression. Hemp helps us with pain and inflamation. Hemp helps us sleep. We were addicted to THC. Hemp gives us everything we love about this sacred plant without getting high! Hemp helps us focus and inspires us. Hemp helps us communicate from our hearts. Hemp helps our immune systems. We smoke it. We make tea with it. We cook with it. We make our own salves and tinctures.

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Hemp helps our family with anxiety and depression

Our family used to be addicted to high THC cannabis, alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals. We realized what we enjoyed about these substances was not the dissociation but the peace and joy they helped us feel. When we got sober we realized that peace and joy was fleeting and not real. Being sober showed us who we really are and we realized we were living in a fog. Because we are so deep in the cannabis and hemp industry we eventually tried using CBD and noticed a long list of amazing effects, including a dramatic decrease in our anxiety and depression, without the fog! Without feeling high! No paranoia, no ignoring important tasks in our lives! Everything we liked about cannabis we found in hemp flowers! We have never looked back and have worked to find the best genetics with the broadest terpene profiles, prayed over the medicine and grew it organically. We launched the Let’s Grow Wellness Club to help our global family feel the same peace and joy we do! We love you!

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Hemp helps us with pain and inflamation

Pain pill (opioid) addiction is an epidemic just as bad as drug addiction and alcoholism and is causing at least as many problems. 128 people every die of opioid addiction. We believe hemp, other sacred plant medicines and lifestyle changes are the answer.

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Hemp helps us sleep

If you know what insomnia is like you know how wonderful a good nights rest is. Hemp flowers helps our family sleep well and the best part is instead of stealing our dreams from us like cannabis can it seems to enhance our dreams and ability to remember them. It’s good to remember that cannabis originally probably had less than 1% THC in it and overtime humans have worked to increase it to levels as high as 35%!!! Next time you’re thinking of taking your nightly dose of sleeping meds try hemp flower instead.


Hemp helps our immune systems

There are many articles and studies that discuss how endocannabinoids are believed to control immune functions and play a role in immune homeostasis. Our family knows first hand that when we are working with hemp flowers regularly our immune systems are strong, and even stronger when combined with other immune boosting herbs and practices like Kundalini Yoga. We have created the Let’s Grow Wellness Club for our brothers and sisters on Mother Earth. Members receive the finest artisanal hemp flowers along with the other sacred plants and tools we have discovered that help us feel healthy and happy and are the reason for our success, financially and in our relationships (both with each other and our planet).

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