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Plus you’ll get new hand picked wellness products each month from our hearts to yours! Learn more about the Let’s Grow Wellness Club.

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Prerolled Hemp Flowers

If you prefer pre-rolled hemp flowers we offer those too. Hand rolled with love and prayers in each one. Just select “pre-rolled hemp” when you check out. You can also buy one at a time in our shop.

Wholesale Hemp Flowers

We also offer wholesale hemp flowers, machine trimmed and hand trimmed. Request a quote for large orders, which vary in pricing from $300 – $1,500 a lb depending on quantity and quality. Or you can also buy one at a time in our shop here.

Let’s Grow Wellness Club

We aren’t just a company that sells hemp seeds and flowers. Yes, we have the best, and are willing to prove it. But if you don’t like our products, we will refund your money anytime. Just let us know why you aren’t happy. It’s never happened. That’s because we are dedicated to helping you heal, evolve and prosper. For $50 a month, yes you’ll receive over $100 worth of top shelf hemp, but you’ll also receive other plants, minerals and tools that we use in our family to achieve the bliss, health and success that we are so lucky to have experienced. We believe it’s a gift from the Creator and our ancestors and we are here to share those gifts.

Learn More About The Let’s Grow Wellness Club

Maverick Certificate of Analysis

Maverick COA

We have searched the world and found the best hemp with the highest cannabinoid and terpene profile that stays under the total THC limit of 0.3%. Most people don’t know that the FDA is changing the rules since the farm bill was passed. We used to be able to trade in hemp that had Delta 9 THC levels under 0.3% and didn’t include the THCa amounts. However, when THCa is smoked it turns into Delta 9 THC.

Any flower you find that has CBD levels above 10% or so has total THC volumes closer to 1%. Usually between 0.6% and 1%. Soon products like this will no longer be able to be sold.

Most of us think the higher the CBD content the better the hemp is going to work for us, however this is not the case. Recent research has discovered what is know as the entourage effect. The cannabinoids work together with the terpenes to create the healing. It’s not just the CBD. If you ever smoked good old school cannabis that maybe only had 10% THC but was way stronger than some of the modern strains with 30%+ THC, then you know about the entourage effect. This is why we chose Maverick. It has the highest terpene profile we have every seen. The flavor and smell are incredible, hops, pine, cinnamon and gas.

Check out the terpene report and cannabinoid report below, with a whopping 1.3% terpenes!

And if you want to learn more about the terpenes in the Maverick and their effect check out our terpene article.

Little Deer Farm

At Little Deer Farm we grow our medicine with Love. We pray to the earth and to this sacred plant. We don’t throw anything away. We sit with the moons and honor our ancestors from the north, south, east and west. Let’s Grow Wellness Club members receive hemp flower and other wellness products every month made by our family with care, reverence and humility. We are all lucky to be here and we are here to help you grow and evolve, find true health and happiness. Let’s unite, let’s remember…

Let’s heal. Let’s evolve. Let’s prosper.


Blessed Up Connoisseur
Hemp Flower

You won’t find better hemp flower. We search the globe to find the most prized strains with the richest cannabinoid and terpene profiles in existence. We grow them with love and prayer, following in the footsteps of our ancestors. We aren’t just a hemp company – we are a lifestyle and wellness company. Join the Let’s Grow Wellness Club to receive hemp flower and other wellness products every month brought to you from our family and our hearts to yours.

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