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Hemp Executive Management Program


SOP and Facility Design

Letʼs Grow Hemp is your guide from the start. We can help you develop your SOPs and guide you from start to finish. With our headquarters in the Salinas Valley in California, our team consists of leading botanists and agronomists from the organic fruits and vegetable industry. We help you design the best fertility program based on your soil and water tests, and we provide the lowest cost and highest quality organic inputs.

Seed to Sale Consultation

From Seed to Sale we provide resources and support. The Letʼs Grow Team is here to walk alongside our farmers to support and guide them through each phase of the Genetic Selection, Growing Process, Lab Testing, Extraction, and ultimately sales and distribution.

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Test and Disease Management

After selecting your genetics and helping you design your fertility, pest and disease management programs, one of our Grow Specialists will discuss options for planting, harvesting, storage and processing. After planting we offer an Onsite Post-planting Checkup to test your plants early on for any deficiencies, making recommendations to improve health, CBD content and overall yields, as well as keeping the THC content as low as possible.

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Pre Harvest Checkup

We also visit your farm before the end of your cycle for an Onsite Pre-Harvest Checkup, taking samples for lab testing of the flower, soil and water. Making any final adjustments to ensure maximum CBD output while keeping the crop under the 0.3 THC Limits. Additionally we will collaborate with you to create a Harvest and Curing Plan that will ensure optimal results.

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Extraction Partners, Manufacturers & Biomass Buyers

Through Toll Processing or Direct Biomass Purchases we are committed to our farmers success. Our Letʼs Grow Hemp Network includes superior extraction companies that will ensure the maximum utilization of your biomass and convert it to the precious and sought after CBD Isolate and Distillate that the CBD Manufacturing industry is clamoring for. Letʼs Grow Hempʼs network of hemp and CBD partners are already aware of the Superior Crop you are bringing to Market and they are lining up to receive their next order of your final product.


It Starts With a Seed

A Seed is much more than a seed when you invest in Letʼs Grow Hemp genetics. Most purveyors of hemp seeds end their relationship once the funds have been paid, they are often little more than brokers. Avoid anyone promising you huge numbers without discussing the ranges of flower and biomass yields and CBD percentages.

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Let’s Grow the Future

Secure the Future of Your Farm for Generations. As your farm establishes itself as a vital part of the Letʼs Grow Hemp Ecosystem and your crops yield is consistently presented, our Relationship Managers will be focused on securing Forward Contracts for your crops, financially committing our hemp and CBD companies to the future crops from your farm and ensuring that it can be the source of prosperity and opportunity for generations, just as the family farm is meant to be.

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